A Testimonial from a Friend

To sound more convincing, this post probably should have been titled more like “A Testimonial from a Stranger Who Doesn’t Like Me but Has to Admit that I Know What I’m Talking About.”

I guess I should make it clear that most of the people I end up doing business with become good friends, too.

So my friend David Marinac, who I met through business, was kind enough to write this recently:

There is a ton of misinformation online about what to do to drive/push/pull not just traffic to a website, but qualified leads that turn into money for B2B online success. Is pay-per-click the answer? What about YouTube? This guy says he has the “magic bullet” for Google, this lady says she has the “secret for LinkedIn” and that one says paid ads on YouTube video are the answer! Seriously? What do you do? If you listen to everyone you’ll go broke.

At the end of the day, there are a few core/fundamental “organic” approaches that not only work, they have stood the test of time with Google, Bing, YouTube, etc. Even more, there is only one person that I’m aware of who has the ability to help companies implement these fundamental approaches and get them working together, seamlessly, and that’s Owen Blevins. Stop trying to go it alone, you will waste thousands upon thousands of dollars! Hire Owen and sleep comfortably knowing you have hired the best and brightest online guru! The first call I make whenever I consider anything pertaining to online marketing success is to Owen Blevins.

David Marinac
President and CEO
ABC Packaging Direct
Home of StandUpPouches.net

Email me at owen@owenblevinsconsulting.com.